Susie Meszaros considers Sandor Vegh her greatest teacher

Sándor Végh Performance short film and his comments on Susie Mészáros

Sándor Végh

Susie considers Sándor Végh her greatest influence. She studied with him, performing regularly in the Camerata Academica in Saltzburg. You can find out more about this great musician and teacher hereándor_Végh and in Steven Isserlis’ article here

A fascinating interview with Susie talking about the respective styles of Menuhin and Vegh is upcoming. Here is Sándor Végh typically performing in an eloquent, spacious way where he is dissolved into the music, though fully authoritative, his personality is subsumed in the music.

The testimonial reads:

Susie Meszaros was my pupil for several years. This collaboration has given me always great satisfaction, since Miss Meszaros brought constantly proof as of her great artistic gift, as of beeing [sic] a deep, serious, honest musician, with all responsability [sic] toward her work, talent, teacher and collegues [sic]. During her stay in Salzburg, she was an excellent member of the “Cameratta Academica”, and in many occasions of “Open Chamber Music” in Prussia Cove, IMS, I always had great pleasure to play with her in concerts. She is an absolutely reliable partner”

Sandor Vegh, musician with Susie Meszaros and his testimonial for Susie